Saturday, 8 February 2014

The "paint one platoon a week" challenge, plus bonus Jagdtigers!

Hi Guys, been a little while since my last update, but I'm back with a vengeance! 

I'm glad to say my gaming and hobby mojo is sky rocketing at the moment, and I've decided to strike while the iron is hot and set myself a challenge. Simply put, it's paint one platoon each week. Not too hard when you thing about it, between 3 to 5 vehicles or 7 to 9 stands of infantry. I think the vehicles might be easier to accomplish, but I'll push myself with the infantry. When I want a bit of an easy week I'll just paint a plane or an independent character vehicle. 

I've set myself this challenge for two main reasons. One, to work through the backlog of unmade and unpainted stuff I have, and two, so I can use all this stuff in games!

Anyway, week one is done. I painted up three Jagdtigers. I love German armour, and the Jagdtiger is one sexy tank. 

Well, pictures below.

Jagdtiger 111

111 from the other side

Jagdtiger 112

Jagdtiger 101

Group shot 1

Group shot 2

Group shot 3