Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Germans are go!

Griddon here. I finally did it. I decided on a list and I'm sticking with it. Thought I'd share my final list with you guys and a quick sneak peak of how the painting is going.

So the list I have decided upon is from Fortress Europe. It's designed as an  Eastern front list to suit my terrain table.

HQ - 2 Panzer IV H
Combat - 4 Panzer IV H
Combat - 4 Panzer IV H
Support - 4 Brummbar
Support - Panzergrenadiers, 1 x Panzerfaust, 6 x MG + Transports
Support - 3 Pumas
Support - 3 Nebelwerfer 41s with Pak38

Reading into it, there are limited options historically for the Puma on the Eastern front and I have the tough job of finding a reference that puts them and Brummbars in the same place at the same time. I'll find a way or I'll just say screw it and ignore history for a bit. The list has future list options in mind. The Pumas for example are part of a 6 Puma support section for my planed Earth and Steel Panzerlehr list.

I have started the task of painting the Panzer IVs I received from Plastic Soldier Company while I wait on the rest of the stuff for the list from Battlebunker. Here's a sneak peak.

I've been experimenting with my new airbrush gear really and at this stage I have applied 2 basecoats of Green Ochre, 2 different camo colours in broad stripes, applied a very thin wash of Devlan mud and dry brushed up in Green Ochre. Lots still to do and the other 9 Panzer IVs and the PzGr transports are WIP as well. Fun times! Catch you soon!


  1. very nice painting, don't forget to add depth with a dark brown wash all over.

    The list itself looks a bit brittle for the east front.

    How's the first contact with the airbrush? Did you train to make lines, did you set your compressor at a specific pressure?

  2. It looks like you're off to a good start. The painting is coming along nicely. I'm looking forward to following your progress.

  3. Thanks guys. Ok. Firstly on the subject of the list. It's pretty much ok in our Meta or local gaming group as no-one is running big Russian tanks. My experience is pretty limited though and I've no doubt in a competitive setting the list would get trounced. I was just struggling to stick to a list for longer the 5 minutes enough to actually get an order placed and move on. As it is, the selections will be versatile between Earth and Steel and other books and it's more a stepping stone than anything else.

    Regards the airbrush. Getting to grips with it wasn't too hard but I've still a lot to learn. I'd done a lot of reading first and Blackwolf has a similar setup and he was full of good advice. For me, I ran Vallejo Model Colour paints, thinned down to the consistency of milk with water only. Then depending on how thin the paint was I needed between 10 and 20psi. For the Ochre base coats though I ran at about 22psi with the needle wide open and laid those down really fast.

    The camo needs work and for other vehicles I'd like to vary the pattern some. I always wanted broad stripes as I'd seen this elsewhere and liked it. I will try thinner more details stripes on my Brummbars.

    Thanks for stopping by fellas!

  4. You can definitely have a lot of fun with your list, it is very mobile and packs some decent firepower... but you might suffer :-)

    Will try the settings on the compressor (bought the whole shabang a week ago)