Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Battlefield

Hi Guys, Blackwolf back again, this time with some pics of my battlefield. My scenery has appeared in a few posts already, as its been used for a recent AAR, and was one of the tables set up for the Breakout mini tournament we ran a few months ago, but I decided to give it its own photo shoot! ;)

When I first started making my terrain, I had a 'Dutch countryside' theme in mind, as our group of FoW'ers were all building Market Garden forces. In the end, I think it could represent either Dutch or French countryside, as its fairly generic. So lets take a look :)

The buildings that feature in the village are from Kerr & King, and I was quite happy with them. Their value and quality were both excellent. The roofs are removable, as are the 2nd story floors, so positioning infantry in the buildings poses zero problems. I highly recommend Kerr & King for FoW buildings.

The roads were made from 3mm MDF, covered with a product called Sydney White Liquid Sandstone, from the Megatreat company, bought from my local Bunnings Hardware. I glued magnets to the roadsides before covering the whole thing with the sandstone mix, so the tree's could be removed for storage.

The wheat/corn fields are just a latex backed door mat cut into four sections. Static grass has been glued to the edges so it matches the grass mat.

The ponds are the Battlefront Battlefield in a Box Ponds, with static grass and grass clumps added to match my terrain.

Like the ponds above, the river sections are from Battlefront, using the four different Battlefield in a Box River Expansions sets. I wrote about the good work Battlefront did with ordering these in a previous post here.

And the newest addition to my terrain is the Battlefield in a Box Italian Vineyards. I'm sure there's vineyards in France and Holland too ;)

So there you go. I hope you like the countryside battlefield, and if you have any questions, ask away!




  1. that is some beautiful terrain, you should be very proud of it!

  2. Very nice Mat. Back soon to play on it!

  3. Looks really great and I like the features but....
    I often find that these linear layouts with lots of terrain parralel to the table edges a problem in game balance terms. Consider placing terrain at diagonals rather than sqaure to the edges.
    Have you tried a few games on ya table yet?

  4. Very inspirational. The magnetized trees is a good idea that I will try.
    Do you have any plans for forrests?

  5. Thanks for the kind words everyone, I'm glad you like it.

    Kiwi, I understand your points exactly, thats why I also have road sections that have angled ends, so the terrain can be set up angled. I just set it up straight for convenience this time around.

    Braxen, definitely got plans for forrests/woods, and i'll make them much the same way as the roads... 3mm MDF, glue on magnets, cover with liquid sandstone, paint, flock, then glue magnets to the bottom of some more tree's. I just need to buy more tree's, oh and magnets, my fiance threw out my last few magnets, haha.

  6. Nice looking table - the buildings look especially good.

    Almost no vineyards in the Netherlands (not since Roman times, because of a grape disease - now there are resistant species so there is a little wine being made in the Netherlands)

  7. Yeah that looks great, very inspirational.