Monday, 15 July 2013

4th Armoured Brigade Modelling Update

Hi Guys, just wanted to give you a quick modelling update for my new project.

Well, the 8 tanks I started on the weekend are just about done. I'm just waiting on the decals to arrive to finish them off. I've also ordered more of the Plastic Soldier Company Sherman II box sets, along with one of their M5 Halftrack box sets.

So, until the decals and/or the other boxed sets arrive I can go no further. But fear not, I have something to keep me busy. I happily agreed to paint my friend Dave's British tanks for him, right up to the point of detailing (He can finish that off). He's got a bunch of Sherman V's, M10's, Cromwell CS's, and AVRE's, so I'll be a busy boy.

Anyway, here's a couple of quick pics of my Sherman II's and Sherman Firefly Vc's taken with my phone. I'll take proper pics with my camera when they're fully finished.

Thanks for taking a look. All comments and criticisms are welcome.

Cheers guys.



  1. nice painting, have you used an airbrush?

  2. Thanks Braxen. Indeed an airbrushed was used. I sprayed Vallejo Russian Uniform over a black under-coat, then added heaps of white to the Russian Uniform and airbrushed again, just hitting the inner areas of flat panels and raised areas on curved areas. A quick wash and then a light dry-brush. All done :)