Friday, 6 May 2011

6th Guards Tank Brigade - Part 5 - Finished

G'day folks. Griddon here again with the final installation* of the 6th Guards Tank Brigade mini project. They are finished along with the HMG platoon to turn my Hell's Highway force into a Fortress Europe Confident Trained Infantry list which I'm going to play as 6th Guards Tank Brigade supporting the 15th Scot's.

Not a lot of words for you. Just pictures. Quite a few of them. Tips, advice, comments. All welcome.

* When I say final, I mean final for the time being. ;) The 6th Guards Tank Brigade were known to have welded tracks to their hulls and turrets for added armor protection. I haven't modelled that here. I will at some point but I'll need to find some suitable tracks. Interestingly enough, the added 'armor' was inneffective as proven by tests. It did nothing more than slow down the traverse speed of the turret. Which is bad... Furthermore there may be some innacuracies to the markings. I don't think the Brigade put squadron markings on the turret but there wasn't the real estate on the model to put them on the hulls of the Mark VIs. Also, I wasn't totally convinced that I had the Brigade Flash on the rear in the correct location but doing research I found images of a preserved / restored 6th Guards Armored Vehicle at a Dutch museum which had them this way around. I know from Hell's Highway, the guards mirror the Brigade flash and Insignia front / rear. Still not convinced. Anyway - it's done now and I'm fine with it as is.

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  1. Man, they look sweet. Nice weathered tracks, and even completed with all the tiny unit makings and tank names.
    Dying to see them up close! :)