Sunday, 15 May 2011

Making my Normandy Table: "Trois Ponts" Part 3

Hi Folks,

DiceHex here with another table update. It is amazing how much I can get done when I've got a cold, and I'm waiting for a delivery of little panzer manz!

I mixed some Multi-purpose filler (for cracks in walls, etc) with some paint and sand, until it had the consistency of toothpaste, then smeared it on with a spatula. The shade is a little too grey for soil, but it will be highlighted with a richer brown later on. I then marked in some rough rows, which should be spaced large enough to fit a medium base between.

The little autumn trees are wire foliage branches which were only a few dollars a pack. I'm honestly not quite sure what sort of crop or orchard this is, I just thought it looked cool! I'll add rows of clump foliage along the ground, so it doesn't look so bare as well.

Wheat field:
I had a great deal of trouble cutting up a doormat into neat sections, so I went for a much rougher approach. I hacked away until I had the rough shape of the field I needed, and just glued it to the board. I found out too late that this type of matt is NOT good to work with, and I should have waited to find one with a vinyl backing. They are much easier to cut neatly.

After hacking some craters out of it, so artillery sections look concealed, rather than placed them on top, I built up the edges with more of the soil mix I mentioned earlier. This will help stop fraying, and has built up the ground level so that the field does not look quite so tall. Scorch marks and burnt grass will be added soon.

I put a quick coat of very murky blue acrylic over the canals and creeks. I don't want the water to look too bright. Usually they are a shade of brown or green, like in the picture in this post's heading. Here's a progress shot!



  1. Cheers,
    Still have a lot to do, but it really is good fun!