Monday, 2 May 2011

Eastern Front Panzer List

The Hornisse / Nashorn
Hi all. Back again with some list discussion. A few weeks back I detailed my plans to get Panzer-Grenadier Division Gro├čdeutschland onto the table. Those plans may be on hold. :) I had some doubts about putting another 'hobby' list together which I already acknowledged wasn't going to be competitive. I've since got a few more games under my belt. I've also been playing World of Tanks a bit. The combined effect was a rewrite of my intended German list.

The aims were quite simple. I wanted competitive. I wanted fun. I also wanted a combined arms list which had Tank Hunters, Panzerspah and a solid back bone of Panzer IVs. Since I also have an Eastern Front table on the go it makes sense to have an Eastern Front list to push about. So, I immediately went to take a look at the Bagration Panzer Divsions PDF available on the Flames of War site. Not bad but aside from some interesting support selections the same lists can be achieved from Fortress Europe and with the later I benefit increased Tank Hunter options.

So, the list I settled on, at least for the moment, is; 

Command - 2 Panzer IV H
Combat - 4 Panzer IV H
Combat - 3 Panzer IV H, 1 Panzer III N (needed the points)
Support - 3 Hornisse
Support - Panzer Pioneer Platoon - 3 sections, Panzerknacker
Support - Panzerspah - 2 8 rads
Support - 3 NW41s, Anti Tank Section - Pak 40 

I think it will be more competitive than the 4 platoon Panther/PanzerIV list I wrote earlier. Losing the Panthers hurts but I think the Hornisse, 8 rads and Nebelwerfers will help make the list a lot more functional. I can't really imagine leaving home without some opportunity to smoke my enemies big guns. The Hornisse worry me a bit. I love the idea but a failed storm trooper move and they'll probably get smoked. If I'm lucky, I'll get a couple of turns to use their excellent 40" range. Fingers are crossed.

Not sure if two 8 Rads is really going to help push ambushes out. Quite a fragile unit but at 80 points it's also a convenient size for the list to squeeze up to 6 platoons for the rare occurances when I'll be asked to defend.

As for the history of the list, I'm working on that just now. As Mat suggested, the easiest approach to finding a historical fit is to look at which units were issued with the Hornisse/Nashorn on the Eastern Front. So far I know that Panzerjager Abteilung 88 and 519 fit the bill but I need to spend some time working out with whom they were attached during 1944 on the Eastern Front.

If you have any thoughts on the list or the history, please do let me know. The order for the stuff isn't in yet, so I can change my mind!

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  1. I'm in the same boat. I want competitive, but more importantly, I want to have a fun list. A list that will make me want to pull it down and play it without getting bored very quickly.