Saturday, 14 May 2011

Eastern Front Table - Part 3

Hi Folks. Griddon again!
A very quick update on my Eastern Front table to show how it's coming together. I got the table out ready for a game Mat and I were going to have tonight. Sadly, Mat deemed grocery shopping more important... Omg... Nein, we cannot stop ze British we have to go buy carrots and Tim Tams. So, the Brit's take the moral victory. Not sure what both sides had in mind on an Eastern Front table but meh. Anyway. I think the table needs more. Which is good, because I have planned more :)

Firstly, Mat has some flock for me from Heki that matches the GW battlemat. I need to add this to the edge of the roads and apply liberaly to the tree bases and the town square. Further to this I want to add a decent length of hedgerows which can be used to border the fields and the roads. We've both got ideas about how to make these and it will undoubtedly use methods already employed by other hobbying greats in the blog scene. Mat and I also discussed how we can break up the monotone of the green GW battlemat. To do this we'll be airbrushing random patches of lighter and darker greens and some beige onto the mat. Should work out ok. Finally I want to try and get some realistic haystacks together as seen in Fortress Europe. I think they will be worth a blog post on their own because they will either be a success or a major fail. Fun either way. That's all for now. I bow down to Robin's (Dicehex) superior hobby fu as his Normandy table is looking damn fine.

Catch you next time!

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