Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Eastern Front Table - Part 2

Hi folks. Griddon here with an update on the Eastern Front table. It's nearly finished. Sweet.

So, Mat updated the blog with our session knocking out some MDF road sections a few weeks ago. Mat very kindly took those home and gave them a coat of textured paint and put some track marks all over them. I received them back last week and set about painting them all dark brown and dry brushing up a little with a lighter shade. I then broke up the edges with a moss green colour stippled on and these areas will be covered with static grass as soon as I can get to the shops to buy some.

As well as the roads I prepared some trees. We all bought boxes of these ready made trees from Woodland scenics. Not bad for the money. The box comes with thirty or so ready made conifers and all you really need to do is attach the tree itself to the supplied stand. I wanted to make mine a little more transportable so instead I decided to attach each individual stand to some textured MDF and then transport the trees in their original box and place them onto the scenery piece for each game. I tried to ensure there was enough room between each tree for a tank or a standard infantry base. However, since the trees are removable in game it's fine anyway. If the little pegs on the base of each tree fail over time I'll just drill the stands and use magnets instead but for the moment, this technique saves me needing to buy magnets.

I should also mention, with the little tree stands, I dabbed a bit of PVA under each one and pushed it into the still wet decorators filler material. These should be well stuck now!

The tree bases were painted in the same colours as the roads and they will all receive the same static grass in due course. I'm also going to wash the trunks and the stands for each tree in Devlan mud as they just come in standard plastic grey.

I'll hold over the photos of the trees actually stuck to the base for effect. The final shots of the finished table are only a bag of Heki nr 3361 away!

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