Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Breakout - One Day Mini Campaign

Hello again. Griddon here with a quick post about an event that Blackwolf and I are running in July.

Flames of War hasn't really got a firm foothold in Victoria yet. Probably, the number of regular gamers is around fifty and they are distributed over a large geographical area. With war periods you shrink the gaming group even further. Blackwolf and I are both exclusive to Late War at the moment but over at Realm of Legends, they have just finished up a Mid War escalation league.

With these issues in mind, we wanted to find a way of bringing players together. Our approach here is to run a one day mini campaign. The format is going to be three games of 1750 points late war with themed Normandy breakout lists. We'll avoid blue on blue by having equal numbers on each side of the conflict and we're going to have the results of each round affect the match ups for the following round.

We have to sit down and work out the details. We'll avoid making it insanely complicated but it's going to be nice if we can anchor around a specific historical allied operation and try and run according to actual events. Given the aforementioned player base issues, asking players to turn up with specific lists is a no go. Instead we're simply asking for German and Allied lists.

In my minds eye, I see a campaign map, a planned allied advance and various battlefields plotted out. Given each match up should in theory be a 50:50 chance for each side, there is no guarantee the Allies will make progress and as such we need to have plans in place for how we develop the campaign. Perhaps the Allies have such a bad day of it, their last games of the day are staged defences while they prepare to disembark from France back on the boats to England!

We have ten players of a possible sixteen signed up so far. I'm pretty confident we'll get to sixteen. If you're interested please follow this link to Wargamer AU where you'll find the sign up thread.

Thanks for reading.

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