Saturday, 19 March 2011

9. SS-Panzer Division 'Hohenstaufen'

Hi, Blackwolf here, with a look at the first* company I collected when we got into FOW, a Panzergrenadier Company from the 9. SS-Panzer Division.

First off, a bit of background on my choice. The first thing to decide upon was the nationality... This was pretty easy, I've always been a big fan of German machinery in WWII, from their uniforms to their tanks and planes. I'm sure there's heaps of guys out there like me who built model Tiger tanks as a child/teenager, as I'm sure there are more model Tiger tanks in the world than the real thing! ha. Also helping my decision to take Germans was my regular opponents were all taking Allied armies. So, decision made, too easy, on to choosing the actual list to use.

We all decided, strangely, to build infantry companies. Being an avid reader of the FOW Forum, I was aware that newbie's would be better off with tank companies, as its easier to get to grips with the rules and game mechanics. But still, we all decided we wanted the true workhorses of the war to start with, the Poor Bloody Infantry.

I decided to do an SS infantry company for 2 main reasons. First, was to keep the model count down. Being Fearless Veterans, these were the most expensive infantry going around (for Germans at least). Second, was I wanted to try my hand at SS camo. A little daunting at first, but once I found a good quick way of representing an autumn SS camo pattern, I was off, and actually found painting the infantry to be quite fun and creative.

Having decided on SS infantry, there was still another decision to make... Which list? Battlefront have been quite generous as there was approximately 8 to choose from... 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 9th, 10th, and 12th SS Panzer Divisions, and the 17th SS Panzergrenadier Division. Concentrating on the Western Front, I wanted a unit that took part in the battles for Normandy, and took part in the defense against Operation Market Garden. Simple, only 2 of those divisions fit that criteria, 9th and 10th. I ended up choosing 9th as they has access to more tank types than the 10th did, being able to choose PzIV's, StuG's, and Panther's, where as the 10th can't have any Panther's. Also, I like saying the name 'Hohenstaufen', rolls off the tongue better than 'Frundsberg' ;)

Well, on to the subjects of this post, the figures themselves....

Company HQ

1st Panzergrenadier Platoon

2nd Panzergrenadier Platoon

3rd Panzergrenadier Platoon

Heavy Platoon

Mortar Platoon

PaK 40 Platoon

Nebelwerfer Battery

StuG Platoon

* This is actually the third FOW company I've collected and painted, but the first 2 (A Soviet Tank Battalion and a German Tank Company) were sold a few years ago, and were never gamed with.