Friday, 18 March 2011

And a Blackwolf wandered in...

Hi, Blackwolf here, launching into a quick introduction.

I'm the "Mat" Griddon spoke of in the opening post, and its great to be involved enough in this great hobby of ours that myself and the guys feel its time to give a little back to the FOW community. I've been reading heaps of FOW blogs over the last few months, and have been captivated by just about each and every one of them. I find them quite inspiring, and will often race off in pursuit of my next painting project after reading a good article or seeing some awesome pics. I hope that we at Bunker 3030 can do the same for others, as well as entertain and inform along the way.

I'll be spewing forth a cavalcade of modeling logs, battle reports, product reviews, funny photo's, tournament news, and anything else that takes my fancy concerning FOW and WWII in general. After all, FOW is awesome, WWII is fascinating, and there's so much to see and do (and have done to me?) that there's barely enough time to see it all, and do it all (and have it all done to me!).

See ya soon, and cheers for reading.

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