Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Product Review - Dom's Decals

Balkenkreuz and turret numbers by Dom's Decals

Hi Guys, Blackwolf here, with a quick chat about Dom's Decals.

I first heard of Dom's Decals while browsing The Gamer's Table blog, and saw a nice review and some cool pics featuring some early war German 8-Rads. At the time I was about to start on my s.Pz.Kp 'Hummel' project, and was looking for appropriate decals to use on my Tiger tanks. Now Battlefront have always made an extensive range of models, but I found their decal range to be lacking. So my prayers were answered when I took a look at the Dom's Decal website, and found a great range of 15mm scale decals, including 10 different styles of turret number (pictured below), 6 styles of Balkenkreuz, registration plates for the Wehrmacht, Waffen-SS, & Luftwaffe, and divisional symbols for every Panzer and SS-Panzer division. I was in business!

I placed an order for 6 different sets of decals, and although the delivery time was a bit slow (to be expected between Europe and Australia over the Christmas period), Dom was quick to reply to every email I sent him, and was very friendly and courteous.

Each decal set comes as one big decal sheet, so you need to cut out each individual symbol/number/cross. I didn't find this a problem, as it meant I could really control how much 'extra decal' was present. The decal paper is quite strong, as there were a few times I messed up and had the decal fold up in to all sorts of origami masterpieces, but was able to smooth them out again with out any breakage at all.

I found the decals to adhere and conform to uneven surfaces quite well, helped of course with some form of decal softener (I use Tamiya's Mark Fit), and with the proper application of gloss varnish before and after the decal is used, I found no traces of silvering.

The only warning I'll give, is that the numbers/symbols/crosses can rub off of the decal paper if they are over handled before immersion in water, so handle them as little as possible, and make sure you don't touch the actual number/symbol/cross. Other than that, I highly recommend Dom's Decals. I know Griddon has some coming his way for his up coming 6th Guards Tank Brigade Churchill tanks.

So, final verdict? A big thumbs up to Dom's Decals. I'll definitely purchase more in the near future.

Balkenkreuz and turret numbers by Dom's Decals

A quick shot of what the decal sheets look like

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