Sunday, 20 March 2011

Hobby Day - Roads part 1

Hi, Blackwolf again, back with a quick post about the terrain making session us Bunker 3030 boys had Sunday in Whitey's garage.

So far, we've been playing our games of FOW down at our local club, the Western Suburbs Wargames Association, of which we're all members. The club scenery is pretty good (as can be seen from this AAR I've posted on Battlefront FOW forum), and we're happy to continue gaming at the club, but we also decided that we each want our own FOW battlefield. Also, we each chose to do a specific theme. Griddon chose Eastern Front, Whitey chose Normandy, and I chose Dutch countryside. We've each bought a GW battlemat, and have purchased buildings from Kerr & King (more on those in a future post), and have placed an order for Woodland Scenics tree's. So Sunday we chose to tackle another important piece of scenery we all wanted for our battlefields.... Roads!

A pretty simple process, we bought some 3mm thick MDF boards from the local hardware store, set up a production line in Whitey's garage, and got stuck in. After planning out the road and town tile sections, we went to work, with Whitey cutting with a jigsaw, myself acting as a vice holding the boards steady for Whitey, while Griddon took the cut out sections and beveled the edges.

Around 2 hours later, we had all our road pieces cut and beveled. The next step will be to texture the roads, then paint, flock, add tree's and bush's to the roadside, and they'll be complete.

Anyhow, below are some shots of us boys at work... Enjoy!

The sawdust buildup on Griddon's arm after 2 hours of sanding. Hope that watch is ok dude.
These will be used for Eastern Front crops. I think they'll look better once the actual crops are on ;)
Whitey in the background, not sure if he's posing, or laughing at us. Griddon with some dremel tool action in the foreground
Whitey's Normandy town tile being planned out. 3 buildings, planning was achieved pretty quickly ;)
Whitey cutting the jigsaw while I do what I do best... Hold down the wood! Also, I didn't lose any fingers today... Bonus!
Whitey planning out his roads and town tile. He's attempting a 'Y' intersection... Brave man.

Well, there you go, some shots of us nerds in scenery making mode. Stay tuned in the coming days as we continue with the project.


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  1. Hmmn... I hadn't thought to go the route of three MM MDF yet... how did you folks texture it? I have to make me some roads for my table, Its looking rather.... bland and open and flat with no terrain on it yet, heh.