Monday, 28 March 2011

Soviet Guards Tank Battalion

Right-o, Blackwolf back again, with a quick update on my current project.

A little while ago while browsing through my LGS I decided to start a Soviet Tank Battalion. I have no idea how the thought popped into my head, it really was a spur of the moment decision. There I was looking at all the shinny boxes (especially the German ones... I'm a sucker for the Germans) when I just decided that yes, grabbing a box of T-34/85's and starting a tank horde was an excellent idea.

Cut to present day, and I have 21 T-34/85's finished, plus 3 captured Panthers (I only need 2, but painted the 3rd for the fun of it). My initial list was something like this...

HQ T-34/85 with cupola

10 T-34/85's with cupola's

10 T-34/85's with cupola's

2 Decoy Panthers

Rota Razvedki Platoon with 3 squads (SMG's) in Universal Carriers.

But I'm now considering dropping the Panthers for 6 Katyushas with extra crew, or, downgrading them back to PzIV's or StuG's. Anyway, whichever direction I go, I'll keep you posted.

I'm currently painting up the Universal Carriers, which are almost complete. Then its on the SMG infantry, Fun!

I'll play with this list a bit, as I think the infiltration rule the Decoy Panthers bring will make for some interesting games. Having 2 Panthers and 10 T-34/85's sneaking up on the unsuspecting enemy sounds awesome... Will it be of huge benefit? Time will tell.

Just quickly, I used the tanks on the weekend in a quick hit out vs a Panther and PzIV/70 list. The T-34/85's got butchered! haha. Here's some quick pics...

Lining 21 T-34/85's up in the open is not the way forward ;)

(Oil painting style)

One of my tormentors (oil painting style)


  1. That is some nice work you did

  2. Turns out you can't play these like a 40k ork horde ;) Nice work mat. Lovely tanks as always.

  3. Yeah, vs stuff like Panthers, Tigers, and anything else heavier than a Sherman, sitting in the open is a bad idea.
    I think these guys will shine vs other 'proper' medium tanks, such as PzIV's, StuG's, Cromwells, and the afore mentioned Sherman's.

  4. Awesome. I look forward to more pictures. Those Rocket trucks a tad tricky ... I am currently painting some for a friend. Take your time with those.

  5. Hein - Thanks mate, appreciate the comment :)

    Jmezz - I saw on your site you have some on the go (looking good by the way). I had heard previously that they were a little tricky to assemble, is it the rocket assembly that is the trouble?