Thursday, 17 March 2011

Welcome and Introduction

Thanks for swinging by Bunker 3030!

Based out of Point Cook, Victoria in Australia, Bunker 3030 is a blog on the subjects of Flames of War (FoW) World War II miniature gaming and a lot of what that entails. We'll also be very keen to discuss topics linked to FoW including but not limited to: Movie Reviews, Hobby Articles, Battle Reports, Tournament Reviews, Product Reviews, Tactics Discussions and anything else that takes our fancy.

The three main contributors are all keen table top miniature gameing enthusiasts. The cool thing about this blog is that each of us are at a different stage of the hobby. Dave has yet to start his first army and has yet to play his first game. By comparison, Mat has played many games and owns a good number of armies. I sit in the middle. I picked up the game last year and have just finished painting my first army. I'm hooked.

Over the coming months we'll be sure to show you why FoW is such a great and addictive game.

Thanks and catch you soon.

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